Motorway training for new and experienced drivers

Motorway training with Surya star School of Motoring is aimed at both new and experienced drivers. Many experienced drivers are not confident with motorway driving, so extra motorway training and support has proven to be beneficial.

Motor way training is now allowed for learners from 4th June 2018 before pass their test.

It is important for new drivers to gain motorway skills as this is something that is usually not covered in their lessons as learners or in the driving test. Having motorway driving lessons before or after passing the test is the ideal solution for being a good driver.

As of June 2018 students are now allowed to practice on motorways during their course of normal driving lessons, and so you can start improving your motorway skills while you are learning for your practical driving test. The thought of driving on motorways can seem quite scary even to the most confident of new drivers!

If you would like some assistance in motorway driving techniques, simply get in touch and we can arrange for a driving instructor to accompany you and design a course of motorway lessons specific to your needs.
If you would like to book some driving lessons then simply click on the booking form and fill out your details. Once we have received your booking form Surya star school of motoring representative will call you to arrange your driving lessons.
Just give us a call on 07949183211 / 07404599095 – to book your motorway lessons.

Lessons are 2 hours and consist of the following elements:

  • Joining and leaving motorways
  • Speed awareness
  • Effective observation
  • Signs, signals and markings
  • Lane discipline
  • Overtaking
  • Using care, courtesy and consideration
  • Fatigue and how to deal with it
  • What to do if you breakdown
  • How to handle hazards
  • How to handle roadworks
  • Dealing with link roads and slip roads

It depends entirely on you. Most people choose a 6 hour Motorway Course, and assess for themselves how much more help they might need. There is absolutely no pressure on you at any stage to take more lessons than you want or need.

We know that all your lessons at Surya star Driving School are an investment in the future of happy driving.

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